Whatever your objectives are in terms of team-building activities or parties, Golfplay is the premier choice for companies looking for a memorable experience for their staff. Our large spacious environment can accommodate corporate team-building or customer appreciation events for groups of 12 to 80 people. We have eight bays of the world’s best simulator technology to challenge and entertain your team! View the Golfplay floor plan >

If you want to mix a little business with pleasure, our VIP Lounge can be used for A/V presentations and meetings before the team tees up some fun on one of our 190+ courses. Make your next off-site meeting a memorable one!

Our corporate events are structured to make sure everyone has a great time – not just the avid golfers. The Golfplay experience is different than playing outdoors;

  • We guarantee great weather - no risk of rain!

  • Your entire group are golfing side by side - very social

  • You’ll get great food and drink service as you play

  • No clubs, no problem. We have rentals! (people can share)

  • No looking for lost balls - they are automatically teed-up after each shot

  • No pressure - No one will ask to play through!


Have a few beginners in your group?

Don’t worry if some of your people have little-to-no golf experience. If your group has a lot of beginners, we recommend getting our PGA of Canada pro, Jace Werry, to lead a “Golf 101” skills session before we tee off. Those who may be a little nervous about golf (we know you’re out there!) can get a few pointers to set them up for success and a great time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring in a birthday cake or outside food?

We offer our delicious dessert pizza for special occasions, and will even supply the candles. However, if you would prefer to bring in your own cake, due to health regulations it must be store-bought, not home-made. There will be a $20 fee to bring in an outside cake. No ice cream cakes or any other type of outside food or drink are permitted.

How many people are permitted in VIP Lounge?

Our VIP Lounge can accomodate up to 12 people comfortably. The simulator is able to have up to 6 individual golfers playing stroke play, or up to 12 players if golfers are put into teams of two and play alternate shot format. Because there is only one simulator in the VIP Lounge, for larger groups of golfers we suggest renting 2 or more bays side by side.

What types of game modes are available? Is it suitable for a mixed group of experienced golfers and beginners?

Our simulators allow for up to 6 individual golfers playing stroke play or 6 teams of two people playing alternate shot format. Golfers can be set-up on whichever tees they prefer and in multiple skill levels - from beginner to tour levels. In beginner mode, the system actually provides a distance "boost" for poor shots, helping the novice golfer keep up with the group. In addition to playing any one of our 190+ golf courses, the driving range option is a lot of fun for closest to the pin & longest drive challeneges. Chip & Putt or Putting modes are also available or play our golf darts game - a lot of fun for a mixed group of golfers of different skill levels. We will be pleased to help you sleect the best option for your group!

How do I book a company event?

For VIP Lounge bookings or if you only require two bays side by side for your event, you can simply book online to secure your simulator bays. For groups larger than 12 that will require 3 or more simulator bays, please fill out our contact form so we can help you plan a great event that will be fun for everyone.

Should we order food in advance?

For groups larger than 12 people, we have various food packages available that can include our famous stone -oven pizza, wings, nachos, salads and our delicious dessert pizza. We also offer gluten-free and vegan options - just let us know!

Do people bring their own clubs? Do you have clubs available for rent?

People are encouraged to bring their own clubs, however we do have several sets of rental clubs on hand if needed. Note that since people can share clubs, it's not necessary that everyone have their own dedicated set of clubs.

Is the simulator rental rate per person or per hour?

Our simulator bay rates are per hour - not per person. The bay is yours for the time you've booked, and you can have up to 8 people in a standard bay or up to 12 in VIP.

When should we arrive for our booking?

We suggest people arrive 15 minutes before their booked time.

What if we have some non-golfers or beginners in our group?

No problem! We will help plan your event so that everyone will have a great time. We can even include a Golf 101 skills clinic at the beginning of your event so that beginners get a few pointers that will help set them up for success - and fun.