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GDR Simulator, 185+ courses, No swingplate


Weekdays after 6pm, weekends and holidays - $50/hr  

Early Bird / Twlight rate - $35/hr

Weekdays 9am - 6pm

(except holidays) - $40/hr 

Early Bird / Twilight rate - $25/hr

BAY 2-8 

Vision Plus Simulator 185+ courses & Swingplate


Weekdays after 6pm, weekends and holidays - $60/hr  

Early Bird / Twlight rate - $45/hr

Weekdays 9am - 6pm

(except holidays) - $50/hr 

Early Bird / Twilight rate - $35/hr




Can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably




Available any day: 

11am - 9pm, driving range only

*Note that no walk-ins will be allowed after 10pm. 




Our Weekday Hour bundles are valid Monday to Friday, from open to 4pm (not including holidays).  These hours ARE TRANSFERABLE - Use them for your friends, and use as many as you wish for each booking.  The hours must be redeemed in 1 hour "punches" (no 30 minute increments), and are valid until May 1, 2023, so you have lots of time to use them!   After you've made your purchase, bring in your receipt to Golfplay & we will have your punch cards ready for you - (10 hours per card)   Pick your bundle today and SAVE!

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Frequently asked questions

Is there an app that will record my stats?

YES! The Golfzon app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple store. Once you have created a profile with Golfzon, (click "Join" at the top of this page) the app will record all your rounds of golf, including your stats for average driving distance, fairway & green percentages and average putts per round. After a few rounds, it will calculate your handicap, which can be used in our leagues and tournaments. Get the App - It adds a whole new dimension to your Golfplay expeirence!

Do I bring my own balls? Should I wear golf shoes?

There is no need to bring golf balls - we supply all the balls, which are automatically teed up for you. No chasing balls means more time for golf! As for golf shoes, most of our customers bring their golf shoes, however any comfortable shoe will be fine.

How accurate are the distances? Is it the same as outdoors?

Golfzon simualtors are very accurate, and distances are very similar to what you would hit outdoors. If you hit a 7 iron 150 yards outdoors, you will hit it the same distance on our simulators. Note that bounce & roll distances are always very consistent on the simulators, while outdoors balls will run out very differently depending on the conditions.

Are the rates per person or per hour?

The simulator rates are time-based, not people based. Our Golfzon Vision systems allow for as many as 6 individual golfers per bay. The simulator rate is split between the people in your group.

How long does it take to play an 18 hole round?

On average, it takes 1 hour per person to play 18 holes. For instance, for a foursome, we recommend booking 4 hours. It is your responsibility to watch the clock and manage your pace of play accordingly. Note that time booked ends 5 minutes to the hour so that the next group can get into the bay and start on time.

What if we run out of time and don't finish our round?

It is your group's responsibility to manage your pace of play. If your booked time is over and there is no one booked in the bay after you, you can extend your time by increments of 30 minutes or more. However, if your time is up, you will be asked to end play at 5 minutes to the hour - no matter what hole you are on.

Are there ever special offers or discounts on your rates?

YES! Check out our Promotions page to see what's currently available. To be the first to know about our last minute deals, subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page.